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“In many ways,” the author declares, “working with Andrew Scott Potter furthered my awareness of my grandfather and deepened my interest and bond with the man.” Jamilla Counts

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Jamilla Counts

Author Jamilla Counts is not only a writer but is also a researcher and historian. Her passion for preserving history and seeking justice through her writings is heartfelt and sincere.

In her debut memoir, A Count’s Duty: Assembling the Pieces of Me, we learn not only of the author’s tragic lineage but also of her musical heritage by way of her legally adopted grandfather, Ahmad Jamal and her biological grandfather, Maulawi Nururdin.

A Counts Duty chronicled the author’s journey in finding answers surrounding her mother’s death. As she uncovered truths that brought about shocking revelations, the author also unearths a lineage of creativity and music.

It was this discovery that led her to Andrew Scott Potter. Potter, who coincidentally worked with the author’s biological grandfather, Maulawi Nururdin, contacted her, and a friendship was formed.

As Counts and Potter continued their conversations, the connection grew, and Jamilla was commissioned by Andrew Scott Potter and Bons Ritmos Records to write Black American Music Evolution: The Ketu Candomblé Codes.

Black American Music Evolution: The Ketu Candomblé Codes is an intensely personal body of work based on Jamilla’s extensive research and Potter’s desire to share his amazing discoveries about the evolution of Black music. This book is for those who love jazz and are interested in its progression and history.

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The Ketu Candomblé Codes

An in-depth study of the influence of the Ketu Candomblé codes on the evolution of Black American Music based on the research of author Jamilla Counts and the discoveries of drummer and record producer, Andrew Scott Potter.

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